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Company Profile


  • is a consultancy group introducing European companies and investors to Brazil
  • offers support, starting from the strategic conception and underlying analysis preceding a market entry
  • coordinates all business activities for the enterprise until the final production phase
  • enhances efficiency and effectiveness through strategic alliances
  • cooperates with partners having a proven and vast experience in all relevant business sectors, such as legal, tax, accounting, banking and logistics
A smooth, speedy and sound business implementation results from BrazilVision’s set-up.
BrazilVision can help you to answer the following questions

Are your products and your company fit for the Brazilian market?

BrazilVision performs

  • first overall reality checks assessing your potential
  • tailor-made market analyses
  • product comparisons with your Brazilian competitors
  • fiscal impact evaluations
  • financing opportunity assessments
  • detailed business plans involving local partners
  • strategic partners search

Which elements are crucial for your business entry to Brazil?

BrazilVision provides, coordinates and offers guidance on

  • incorporation and related activities
  • local commercial rules and regulations, including custom duties
  • product registration and licensing
  • application for investment incentives
  • research and evaluation of appropriate business premises
  • set-up of human resources and accounting functions
  • foreign staff entry conditions, local recruitment and hiring
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